Matsumura Group for Good Metal workingMGMMatsumura Iron Works Corporation Takasu Kogyo Corporation

Message from the President

At MGM, we aim to be a “company that is of great value and importance” to our customers.

The use of agricultural and industrial machines continues to grow and evolve in Japan and around the world. We provide the component processing technology that goes on behind the scenes to support this progress. Every component has a very important role in determining the value of a product, from the large components for engines to the smallest screws and pivot points.

Orders from customers are always different, varying in material, size and shape. We take on the challenge of making each individual component. MGM is made up 3 companies and 7 plants, each with unique specialties that have been brought together to provide customers with the components they need. In line with this, we are pursuing highly efficient production systems that can achieve high precision, high quality, quick turnaround and low cost. We promise maximum satisfaction as a technician group that supports our customer’s product creation.

President Takeshi Matsumura

Corporate Philosophy

We are pursuing a harmony between our contribution to society and achieving customer satisfaction, as well as employee happiness and company development, by promoting the use of creative technology and genuine dedication to product creation.

Company Slogan

We aim to be a “company that is of great value and importance” to our customers and society.

Action Guidelines

We are aiming to have a lively corporate culture that respects the individuality of each employee.
We are reinforcing our management foundations and promoting innovative management.
We are contributing to the creation of a rich society through the development of our business.
We are pursuing the improvement of customer satisfaction through creation of quality-oriented products.
We are promoting prompt execution of our Quality Policy, outlined below.

Quality Policy

1)To provide the appropriate quality, cost and turnaround, we strive for continuous improvement by employing the PDCA cycle, which is part of our quality management system.
2)As part of our mid-term plan, we determined a “quality goal,” which will take shape and contribute to our continued improvement starting with this year’s fiscal year policy.
3)We comply with all legal requirements related to our business.
4)We strive for continuous improvement via thorough dissemination of “5W-2H” and employing the 5 Gs of Monozukuri, particularly Genba and Genbutsu*.
5)We are ensuring this quality policy is publicized well among employees and related personnel to ensure we exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.
*Genba – Learning from the workplace
*Genbutsu – Learning from the work environment and real material