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About MGM

Matsumura Group is an integration of 3 companies and 7 plants, combining their respective specialties.
We are a group of metalworkers and technicians engaged in manufacturing products that meet the diverse needs of customers through the use of a consistent system.

The foundations of MGM began in 1947 as a small plant, Iron Works, which grew into the integrated metal processing group having 3 companies and 7 plants today. MGM technology is actively involved in numerous fields including agricultural, industrial, automotive components and environmental equipment. We created a system that can deal with manufacturing sheet metal parts, machine processing, welding, electrical components and structural products for wire harnesses from start to finish with high efficiency. Our high quality and high productivity can be attributed especially to our unique technology in high quality processing of round bars with a long mobile axis and shaft edges, as well as the gear-cutting process of large rolling forgings.

To further increase product quality, we will put even greater effort into creating components with zero defects. With the consistent production system eliminating any needless and unproductive tasks and the respective specialties cultivated at each plant, we will be able to respond positively to any customer request regardless of quantity.


We are pursuing product value creativity by making full use of the capabilities and unique technologies of the 3 companies and 7 plants.


We are striving to achieve high quality, low cost and quick turnaround with our highly efficient production system that eliminates any needless and unproductive tasks.